How Miracle Growers Got Started


I never imagined myself starting a ministry. After struggling through Infertility and a Miscarriage, however, I can’t imagine myself letting these tough seasons of hardship and growth go to waste by not encouraging others going through the same trials.

In March of 2018, my husband and I decided to try for baby #2 with the help of our Fertility Doctor and an IVF procedure. After going through Infertility to have our first child, Emmie, I knew the upcoming IVF process, and ourselves, must be utterly dependent on and covered in prayer (as every other thing in life!). I humbly came to this realization through struggling to conceive for our first child, our daughter, Emmie.

During that time of trying to conceive for Emmie, I was bitter and hard-hearted towards God. It wasn’t until my husband and I were given the book, ‘The Circle Maker’ by Mark Batterson (I highly, highly recommend this book!) from a local pastor, that I spent hours on my knees in intentional prayer and devoted time with The Lord, did I feel free of the stress, anxiety, and sadness that the infertility process can bring. I am so thankful for The Lord’s guidance and forgiveness - for I did not handle Infertility well when I was first diagnosed with Hypothalamus Amenorrhea.

In March 2018, we started praying fervently and faithfully. Since our struggle to have Emmie, I continued to spend ample time in prayer. Our upcoming IVF motivated me to pray even more.

God revealed a great deal to me during this serious time of growth and revelation. I came to know what true dependence upon The Holy Spirit is, I discovered what living in full submission to God was, and learned what it REALLY meant to be led by Him.

Around May of 2018, God put the desire in my heart to minister to women struggling through Infertility. This was very heavy on my heart, and I strongly desired to bring glory to The Lord through encouraging and comforting women. I knew this desire was from The Spirit, and it only burned deeper in my heart as time went on.

We began the IVF process the beginning of August. Later that month, while in prayer, God gave me a vision of a Ministry called, “Miracle Growers” and also told me our IVF would not succeed; He revealed to me
that He would allow this failed procedure to take place in order to strengthen my capacity to encourage & comfort others, to relate to more women, and to praise His Name, even through the heartache.

While this word from God shook me a bit, this word also gave me so much peace, direction, and clarity later down the road.

Our IVF process was not standard or simple. My body responded terribly to treatments. We had to change treatments, add treatments, and were delayed for nearly two months. In late September of 2018, we finally
were able to go through the IVF process.

We found out a week and a half later that I was, in fact, pregnant. A few weeks later, we found out that one of our two embryos we implanted, took.

When I was six weeks pregnant, I began bleeding, very heavily. As much as it was unsettling and scary, God had blessed me with a lot of peace.

We found out on our four-year wedding anniversary, November 1st, 2018, that the sac was no longer viable, and I had miscarried.

We were absolutely devastated, yet, still peaceful.

My husband and I got home from receiving the news from our Fertility Doctor, and as much as it hurt, we knew we had to completely surrender the questions of why God would allow this, whether or not He was still
good, and rather, embrace, and ask what He wanted from us through this. As we sat together in silence, God spoke to me again. He told me, very clearly, “this will be a catalyst of what’s to come. Praise
my name through this storm.”

God carried us through the next month and a half; literally. There were moments where I was so heartbroken, yet I never felt so close to The Lord. His Presence, love, compassion, and comfort was undeniable.

About two weeks after our miscarriage, I attended a class called 'The School of The Spirit’ at our home church, Radiant. It was led by the head pastor at Radiant, Pastor Lee Cummings. At the end of one of the
sessions, Pastor Lee began teaching on the subject our own prayer language (also known as speaking in tongues, but only during your personal prayer time with The Lord). To conclude the session, Pastor
Lee had everyone stand up who had not yet received their own prayer language. I stood, and was prayed over by two precious girls, to receive my prayer language. I begged the Spirit to take over, and it
did. I began praying in tongues and continued to in my own prayer time.

We were preparing for our second round of IVF. Two days before we began our treatments, God, once again, spoke to me very clearly. I felt the Spirit of God come over me so heavily, and God told me He would bless me with what I’ve been so desperately praying for. It was so intense that I wept on the floor. I was so thankful.

Through this encounter, I assumed God would bless us with a successful IVF and we would be blessed with Twins, since that’s what I was praying for, and we were implanting two embryos again.

We began our treatments the next day. These treatments are injections intended to suppress hormones and make me have a menstrual cycle. That did not happen.
I was upset, and frustrated when yet another treatment did not go well or as planned. Doctors had me get my blood drawn, and come in for an appointment.

They decided they would put me on a different medication, and call me in about an hour with a definite plan.

They called me about 45 minutes later. One of my favorite nurses called and asked me, “um, so are you sitting down, at home?” I somewhat worriedly responded, “Uh yes??” She then replied, “Congratulations, you’re pregnant!!!”

We could not believe it. And neither could the nurses, haha! Literally, I did not have words to come out of my mouth. As I called Jay to share the news, we were both in awe and speechless.

We knew God had interceded, but I was slightly thrown off. I was so sure that God spoke to me, and told me that He would bless me with what I had been praying for. I prayed, and asked Him to give me
clarity on what He spoke to me… and crazily enough, He did. He told me, “Your natural self may have been praying for your IVF to succeed. But The Spirit interceded in prayer for you, and miraculously prayed
this baby to life.” I was absolutely blown away. I had been praying in my prayer language for a full month, and letting The Spirit take over.. and the miraculous took place.

I know for a fact this was a miracle orchestrated solely by God, and His Spirit.

I haven’t had a natural menstrual cycle since 2008, and doctors have never seen me ovulate naturally. Even if I could naturally ovulate, I shouldn’t have been ovulating when I conceived because I was on
hormone suppressants. Not only that, but, once I do conceive, it is absolutely necessary for me to be on medication to help with my hormones levels to keep the baby alive. Not only were my hormone levels well above normal when they drew my blood, but, they were well above normal WHILE ON HORMONE SUPPRESSANTS for 14 days. All of this only points to one answer - God intervened completely, and the
miraculous took place.

We are still blown away by God’s matchless power and this incredibly indescribable gift. Not only are we pregnant and celebrating that we conceived naturally, however, this is how Miracle Growers Ministry came to life.

I know, through God’s faithfulness, His direction, His comfort, and through The Power of The Spirit, I am meant to share this incredible story of His Faithfulness, His miraculous power, marvelous ability to dominate any situation, and encourage other women to know the Lord full and well through Infertility.

Through a lot of failure, I learned the hard way what He deeply desires for us, and how He hopes for us to respond to the Infertility and Miscarriage struggle. My prayer is to bring women struggling through the journey to know the deep, infinite, and intimate love of The Lord through tender encouragement and comfort.

My hope is to bring community, to share resources, prayer requests, stories, celebrations, and hardships; to create a safe, loving, uplifting atmosphere for women to feel comforted through. We all need a caring person to lean on going through this journey - I hope to be one of those people, who truly cares about you.

I am honored you took the time to peek at Miracle Growers, and check out our story. I hope it brought a smile to your face, joy to your heart, and leaves you a little more hopeful. I would love to compassionately welcome you to our community, where we lean on and seek The Lord most of all.

May God fill you with so much peace, and bless you with your heart’s desires!

“The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to
be reckoned with.” James 5:16

Casey Jones